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C-0364 - Renal arteries: Anatomical variants and their clinical relevance.

A. Lorenzo Górriz1, v. troconis2, L. Grimalt García3, M. Ponce4, V. Schröer2, J. H. Garcia Vila5; 1 CASTELLÓN/ES 2 Castellón/ES 3 Valencia/ES 4 VALENCIA/ES 5 Castellon/ES Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Kidney, Interventional vascular, Vascular
Imaging Techniques: Catheter arteriography, CT-Angiography
Procedure: Normal variants
Special Focus: Epidemiology
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Learning objectives: - To highlight the usefulness of CT-angiography in the detection of anatomical variants in renal vasculature. - To review all anatomical variants of renal vascularization, so as their correct nomenclature according to recent published articles. - To describe the clinical importance of such variants [...]

Background: Vast majority of the popoulation has one renal artery for each kidney, as described in almost every atlas of human anatomy, which divides into two or more branches at hilum. This pattern isn´t free of variations. Double or triple renal arteries have been described, so as polar arteries with aortic, [...]

Findings and procedure details: Renal arteries can easily be identified on CT-angiography, even lesser arteries like segmentary branches can also be seen. Despite detection of vessels inferior to 2mm is limited, CT-angiography can reach 100% sensitivity using 3D reconstructions and MIP to identify main renal arteries. Furthermore,[...]

Conclusion: CT-angriography has demonstrated its usefulness. It provides accurate evaluation of renal vasculature, so as its different anatomical variants, from an efficient, rapid and safety way compared to conventional angiography.   A correct knowledge of the several anatomical variants of renal arter[...]

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References: Liu PS, Platt JF. CT Angiography of the Renal Circulation. Radiol Clin N Am. 2010; 48 (2): 347-65. Olave E, Henríquez J, Puelma F, Cruzat C, Soto A. Arterias Renales Múltipes. Int J Morphol. 2007; 25(4): 927-30.   Saldarriaga B, Pinto SA, Ballesteros LE. Morphlogical Expression of the Renal A[...]

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