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C-0224 - Comparative evaluation of images according to changes in SENSE factor and voxel size in 3.0T MRI thoracic spine diffusion-weighted images

K. BYOUNGJUN; seoul/KR Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Musculoskeletal spine, MR physics, Neuroradiology spine
Imaging Techniques: MR-Diffusion/Perfusion, MR
Procedures: Acceptance testing, Efficacy studies
Special Focuses: Artifacts, Image verification
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Aims and objectives: This study aims to obtain thoracic spine DWIs, changing SENSE factor and voxel size, conduct comparative evaluations and increase diagnostic values by reducing their distortion and artifact.

Methods and materials: This study was conducted with 30 healthy volunteers without any spinal disease. Ingenia 3.0T MRI was used as test equipment; a DS posterior coil, to collect signals; and the following factors: FOV: 240×184; B-factor: 0 and 1000s/mm²; slice thickness: 4mm; NEX: 10; and TR and TE: Shortest values prov[...]

Results: In the quantitative evaluation of the mean distance of distortion measured at the reference point in the three volunteers with voxel sizes, 1×1, 2×2 and 3×3, at SENSE factor: 1, the average was 6.54, 5.33, and 4.79mm; at 2, it was 4.22, 3.33, and 3.14mm; and at 3, it was 3.04, 2.63, and 2.29mm. In t[...]

Conclusion: In examining the thoracic spine DWIs in the clinic, if they are obtained by choosing SENSE factor: 3 and voxel size: 2×2 or 3×3 like the results of the experiment in this study, the artifact and distortion of the images will decrease to produce those with a higher diagnostic value.

Personal information: BYOUNGJUN KIM, Seoul National university Bundang Hospital, currently Department of Radiology, South KOREA; jopd20286@gmail.com  

References: 1. Weidauser S, Derrmann E, Krakow K, LanfermannH, Diffusion-weighted MRI of spinal cord infarction, Nervenarzt, 2002 Oct:73(10):999-1003. 2. Toshio, Moritani, Diffusion-weighted imaging of spinal cord lesions: charateristic findings, differential diagnoses and imaging pitfalls. ASSR, Poster, 2012[...]

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