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C-1755 - Imaging Assessment of Breast Edema: Things You Shouldn’t Forget

G. de Hoyos Fernandez1, Y. A. Ramirez Galvan2, A. Garza Báez2, M. Robles Hernandez3, K. M. Nuñez Barragan2; 1 MONTERREY/MX 2 Monterrey/MX 3 ESCOBEDO/MX Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interest: Breast
Imaging Techniques: MR, Mammography, Ultrasound
Procedures: Diagnostic procedure, Education
Special Focuses: Cancer, Multidisciplinary cancer care
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Learning objectives: 1 To identify the imaging findings of breast edema.   2. Review the main intramammary and extramammary diseases that may cause breast edema.

Background: Breast edema may be caused by a huge variety of diseases, encountering very similar imaging findings, which result into a real diagnostic challenge. If we make a detailed review of all the diseases that result in breast edema and based on this we carry out an algorithm to approach these patients, we[...]

Findings and procedure details: 1.    Breast anatomy.   Mammary gland is a pair organ, which relates to the apocrine glands of the skin. Is located at the base of the pectoralis major muscle, partially on the front of serratus anterior muscle and crossing the free edge of the pectoralis major muscle, attached by its[...]

Conclusion: The differential diagnosis in patients with breast edema is very wide, including malignant and benign diseases. It is important to make a proper imaging assessment in these patients to get an accurate diagnosis and to give the proper management for each case.   Recall the importance that the [...]

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References: 1.-Giorgio Rizzato, Roberta Chersevani, Donatela Macoring, Rosaria Perroni. Dynamic Breast anatomy. Department of radiology imaging General Hospital, Italy. 1-3. 2.-Shuja Tahir FSCS, FCPS. Female breast, anatomy and physiology. Chapter 1:1-3.   3.-Carol M. Hadley, Barry M. Wall, Flash Pulmona[...]

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