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C-2404 - Diagnosis and management of vascular complications after renal transplantation - 15 years of experience.     

M. A. Kuczyńska, A. Drelich-Zbroja, T. Jargiello, M. Szczerbo-Trojanowska; Lublin/PL Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Interventional vascular, Kidney
Imaging Techniques: Ultrasound-Spectral Doppler, Ultrasound, Ultrasound-Colour Doppler
Procedures: Stents, Treatment effects, Angioplasty
Special Focus: Transplantation
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Aims and objectives: Kidney transplantation is a cost-effective method of treatment suited for patients with end-stage chronic kidney disease (CKD). It provides high graft survival rate, increases quality-of-life and prolongs recipient’s lifetime [1-4]. Since the first fully successful renal homotransplantation in ident[...]

Methods and materials: 470 adult patients – 162 women (34.5%) and 308 men (65.5%), after renal transplantation from deceased donor were included in a retrospective observational study. The mean age of graft recipients equaled 46.1 ± 13.8 years (detailed demographic data are presented in Table 1.) on the day of transplanta[...]

Results: Vascular complications were observed in total of 1.7% patients (n=8), and comprised: arterial stenosis at the site of anastomosis in 1.1% (n=5), renal vein thrombosis in 0.4% (n=2) and formation of arteriovenous fistula after graft biopsy in 0.2% (n=1) of patients. No cases of renal artery thrombosi[...]

Conclusion: Vascular complications are relatively rare occurrences in patients after renal transplantation, with reported incidence rates of approximately 2.5-15% [5-8]. However, they pose a significant risk of graft malfunction or rejection [5,6,12]. Therefore, there exists a need for sufficient, non-invasive [...]

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References: 1.     Kälble T et al.,European Association of Urology, EAU guidelines on renal transplantation, Eur Urol. 2005 Feb;47(2):156-66. 2.     Cosgrove DO, Chan KE, Renal transplants: what ultrasound can and cannot do., Ultrasound Q. 2008 Jun;24(2):77­87 3. &nb[...]

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