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C-1439 - The rising incidence of CVST with the advent of heat wave in tropical countries 

S. Arooj, S. Kadri, S. Hamid; Karachi/PK Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interest: CNS
Imaging Technique: MR
Procedure: Outcomes analysis
Special Focus: Obstruction / Occlusion
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Aims and objectives: By reviewing this scientific exhibit, viewer will be: able to recognize the presence of venous sinus thrombosis on baseline MR images as well as MRV. Able to associate increase in incidence of CVST with hemoconcentration secondary to dehydration which is secondary to extreme hot weather. To be awar[...]

Methods and materials: A prospective single centre cross-sectional analytical study was carried out at the department of diagnostic  Radiology Jinnah post graduate Medical centre, Karachi, Pakistan. Patients of either sex were recruited after an informed consent via consecutive convenience technique.Data wa[...]

Results: 14 patients age range 22-38 years(n=14), mean age:28 years; nine(64%) males and five(35%) females presented to radiology department through Neurology ward. Out of the total sample of 14, eight(57%) patients had superior sagittal sinus thrombosis and presented with focal neurological deficit and sei[...]

Conclusion: Cerebral venous-sinus thrombosis (CVST) is a potential life-threatening condition that requires rapid diagnosis and urgent treatment[6]. MR imaging and MR venography (MRV) are the most commonly used tools for diagnosis.One of the most important findings on MR imaging is abnormal signal intensity wit[...]

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References: Ribes MF (1825). "Des recherches faites sur la phlebite". Rev Med Franc Etrang. 3: 5–41 Bousser MG, Chiras J, Bories J, Castaigne P (1 March 1985). "Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis-a review of 38 cases" (PDF). Stroke. 16 (2): 199–213. Zafar A, Ali Z. Pattern of magnetic res[...]

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