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C-2273 - Pitfalls that mimic prostate cancer: MP-MRI interpretation

L. Palumbo1, G. Di Costanzo2, G. Gervasio3, M. Puglia1, R. Danzi4, A. Ragozzino1; 1 Napoli/IT 2 Battipaglia (SA)/IT 3 Casandrino/IT 4 Naples/IT Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Pelvis, Oncology, Abdomen
Imaging Techniques: MR, MR-Diffusion/Perfusion, MR-Functional imaging
Procedures: Observer performance, Education, Diagnostic procedure
Special Focuses: Hyperplasia / Hypertrophy, Cancer, Inflammation
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Learning objectives: Evaluation of normal and benign pathologic conditions that could mimic a prostate carcinoma, seen in our department. Description of multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging (mp-MRI) features of these pitfalls and suggest strategies that can further their correct interpretation.

Background: A wide spectrum of conditions may mistake the interpretation of mp-MRI in the clinical practice. These enitities can be grouped in two categories: normal anatomic structures of prostate, that may be misinterpreted if their normal appearance is not recognized benign pathologic entities that may mimi[...]

Findings and procedure details: All mp-MRI examinations were performed on a 1,5 Tesla whole body scanner using a phased array body coil and endorectal coil. According to ESUR Guidelines, our protocol include sequences T2 weighted in the three orthogonal planes, Diffusion-Weighted Imaging (b-values 50-400-1200) and Dynamic Contrast[...]

Conclusion: A wide spectrum of normal and benign pathologic conditions mimic a prostate carcinoma. The knowledge of these pitfalls and their interpretation and recognition, differentiating from prostate carcinoma, can help radiologists to establish a correct diagnosis and management, avoiding misdiagn[...]

Personal information: L. Palumbo, Departement of Radiology, Santa Maria delle Grazie Hospital, Pozzuoli (Naples, Italy) email: luipalumbo@libero.it G. Di Costanzo, Departement of Radiology, Santa Maria delle Grazie Hospital, Pozzuoli (Naples, Italy)   G. Gervasio, Departement of Radiology, Santa Maria delle Grazie[...]

References: 1. Kitzing Y X, Prando A, Varol C, et al. Benign Conditions That Mimic Prostate Carcinoma: MR Imaging Features with Histopathologic Correlation. RadioGraphics 2016; 36:162–175.   2. Panebianco V, Barchetti F, Barentsz J, et al. Pitfalls in Interpreting mp-MRI of the Pro[...]

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