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C-2309 - Balloon Expandable Stent Graft for Treating Uretero-Iliac Artery Fistula

M. Guntau, A. Hegele, S. Rheinheimer, R. Hofmann, A. H. Mahnken; Marburg/DE Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Arteries / Aorta, Interventional vascular, Abdomen
Imaging Techniques: Catheter arteriography, CT-Angiography
Procedures: Stents, Balloon occlusion, Sclerosis
Special Focuses: Fistula, Grafts
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Aims and objectives: To evaluate the safety, efficacy, and outcome of percutaneous balloon expandable covered stent graft placement for uretero-iliac artery fistula (UAF) treatment.  

Methods and materials: This retrospective study evaluated the single center experience of percutaneous balloon-expandable covered stent graft placement (ADVANTATM, Atrium Hudson, NH, USA) in UAF. Data was obtained from a prospective institutional database. All patients were referred for interventional therapy with the c[...]

Results: Nine UAF in seven patients (3 males; 4 females) with a mean age of 63.6 (35-75) years were identified. All patients had a history pelvic malignancy, extirpative surgery (n=6), long-term ureteral stenting (n=6) and pelvic radiation (n=5). All procedures were completed successfully without complicatio[...]

Conclusion: Percutaneous balloon-expandable stent graft placement in UAF is a safe and effective treatment option and compares favorably with open surgery. Implantation of stent grafts should be considered as treatment of choice in UAF.

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References: Van den Bergh RC, Moll FL, de Vries JP et al. Arterioureteral fistulas: unusual suspects - systematic review of 139 cases. Urology 2009; 74:251-255.       Das A, Lewandoski P, Laganosky D et al. Ureteroarterial fistula: A review of the literature. Vascular. 2016 Apr;24(2):203-7. doi: [...]

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