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C-0750 - Lemierre’s  Syndrome; a complicated sore throat.  Case study and discussion.

R. B. Karia1, M. K. Kumaran2; 1 Nottingham/UK 2 NOTTINGHAM/UK Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Thorax, Musculoskeletal joint, Ear / Nose / Throat
Imaging Techniques: CT, Ultrasound
Procedures: Education, Diagnostic procedure
Special Focuses: Blood, Abscess, Embolism / Thrombosis
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Learning objectives: Understand the clinical presentation associated with Lemierre’s Syndrome. Review the imaging findings - both local and systemic. Understand the implications of late diagnosis.

Background: Lemierre’s Syndrome  is also known as post-anginal sepsis and human necrobacillosis. It is a form of thrombophlebitis usually cased by the bacterium  Fusobacterium  necrophorum.  It usually develops after an episode of sore throat.   Within this anaerobic environment t[...]

Findings and procedure details: We illustrate clinical findings and demonstrate an overview of the radiological findings of this syndrome. We illustrate with a case, an initial benign history of a sore throat and development  of venous thrombosis, which is central to the diagnosis. We further illustrate developmental of  [...]

Conclusion: Lamierre Syndrome should be considered in patients presenting with systemic symptoms following a simple sore thorat. The Incidence of Lemirre’s  is now increasing; this maybe due to the reduced use of antibiotics for ’sore throats’.  The usual patient is a healthy adolescent  or [...]

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References: T.F.J Beldman et al. ‘Septic arthritis of the hip by Fusobacterium  necrophorum  after tonsillectomy: a form of lemierre syndrome’. Eur J Pediatrics (1997) 156: 856-857 Screaton et al. ‘Lemierre Syndrome: Forgotten but not extinct – report of four cases’  Radiology 1999. 213: 369-37[...]

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