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B-0160 - Role of lung ultrasound in the evaluation of pneumonia in children

I. Sefic-Pasic1, A. Džananović2, A. Pasic2, S. Vegar Zubovic2; 1 SARAJEVO/BA 2 Sarajevo/BA Type: Scientific Paper
Area of Interests: Lung, Radioprotection / Radiation dose, Pediatric
Imaging Techniques: MR, Ultrasound-Colour Doppler, CT
Procedures: Computer Applications-General, Barium enema, Diagnostic procedure
Special Focuses: Trauma, Congenital, Education and training
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Purpose: Pneumonia is the most common infectious cause of mortality in children worldwide. The World Health Organization predicts that pneumonia has a universal annual incidence of almost one million mortality cases in children, comprising approximately 15% of all deaths of individuals under 5 years of age.[...]

Methods and materials: Lung ultrasound examinations were performed prospectively (February 2015- September 2016) in 43 children with positive clinical and laboratory signs of impaired pulmonal function, suspected to pneumonia, and ultrasound findings were compared with chest X-ray. A complete evaluation of both lungs req[...]

Results: In the cohort of 43 patients there were 17 girls and 26 boys. Mean age of patients was 7,02 years.  Pneumonia was confirmed  in 40 patients. In two patients tuberculous infections were confirmed, but on ultrasound examination, consolidations of lung parenchyma have not been specific enoug[...]

Conclusion: Lung ultrasonography is a reliable tool for diagnosing of pneumonia in children. It is suitable for routine use, diagnosing and follow up and it can suficiently replace chest radiography in mild and uncomplicated cases of pneumonia in children. Lung consolidation with air bronchogram is one of the m[...]

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References: 1.        Hendaus et al  Lung ultrasound for the diagnosis of childhood pneumonia: a safe and accurate imaging mode. Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management 2015:11 1817–1818   2.        Bradley JS, Byington CL, Shah SS, Al[...]

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