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C-0711 - A study of similarities and differences between breast cancer detected on organized versus opportunistic screening

J. Merino Bonilla1, M. Torres Tabanera2, L. Ros Mendoza3, J. Cárdenas Rebollo2, M. Sainz Miranda4, A. Baroja Mazo4; 1 Miranda de Ebro/ES 2 Madrid/ES 3 Zaragoza/ES 4 Logroño/ES Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interest: Breast
Imaging Technique: Mammography
Procedure: Screening
Special Focus: Neoplasia
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Aims and objectives: Introduction Breast cancer is the most frequently occurring neoplasm in women and the main cause of death in women of between the ages of 35-54. The probability of having it increases with age and reaches 11% at 85 (1). This has led the governments of many developed countries to allocate a high le[...]

Methods and materials: 1. STUDY POPULATION: (Figure 1) The current analysis was carried out by means of the retrospective review of the clinical records of all the women in screening age who belong to a specific geographic area and were diagnosed in the Breast Pathology Diagnosis Unit (BPDU) of the San Millan-San Pedro-[...]

Results: 1. VARIABLES RELATED WITH THE DIAGNOSIS: 1.1. Principal variables:   a) Origin of the patients:   Of the 527 tumours analysed, 457 were detected in the PBSP (86.7%) and 70 in opportunistic screening (13.3%).   b) Clinical findings:   It was ascertained that 33% (174/527) of the[...]

Conclusion: This study, in which we have analysed the similarities and differences between breast cancers detected in population-based screening and opportunistic screening is relevant because: 1) its methodology is homogeneous; 2) the comparison has been carried out among patients from the same geographic area[...]

Personal information: J.A. Merino Bonilla, Department of Radiology, Santiago Apóstol Hospital, Ctra. Orón, s/n, 09200 Miranda de Ebro. M. Torres Tabanera, Department of Radiology, HM Puerta del Sur Hospital, Av. Castillo Olivares, s/n, 28250, Torrelodones, Madrid.   L.H. Ros Mendoza, Department of Radiology, Migue[...]

References: 1. Epidemiología, etiología, factores de riesgo, supervivencia y prevención del cáncer de mama. In: Kopans D, editor. La mama en imagen. 2ª ed. Madrid: Marbán; 2007. p. 29-54. 2. Ferlay J, Soerjomataram I, Ervik M, Dikshit R, Eser S, Mathers C, et al. GLOBOCAN 2012 v1.0, Cancer Incidence and Mortal[...]

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