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C-2757 - Optimal scanning technique for targetted fusion ultrasound with virtual mammographic navigation in patients with macromastia

V. Gazhonova, M. Efremova, H. Bachurina, I. Popova; Moscow/RU Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Hybrid Imaging, Computer applications, Breast
Imaging Techniques: Image manipulation / Reconstruction, Ultrasound, MR
Procedures: Technology assessment, Diagnostic procedure, Computer Applications-Detection, diagnosis
Special Focuses: Cancer, Multidisciplinary cancer care, Neoplasia
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Aims and objectives: Background: Mammography (MMG) is the principal technique for women with macromastia and fatty involution being much more sensitive in breast cancer detection than ultrasound (US) [1]. Low specificity of MMG contributes to the additional use of targeted US in the cases of opacified lesions, followed [...]

Methods and materials: 15 consecutive patients with macromastia (breast bra-cup size D or higher) and opacified breast lesions BIRADS 2-5 detected mammographically underwent Fusion Ultrasound with virtual mammographic navigation. Fusion US and conventional HHUS was performed on My LAB Class-C (ESAOTE) with a linear transd[...]

Results: The numbers of lesions reported by the two examiners using modified Fusion US technique were 25 and 22, respectively, compared to 18 and 16 using conventional Fusion technique as in 2D HHUS (statistically significant).   Fusion US/MMG navigation in "similar" to MMG PP was useful in better [...]

Conclusion: Our results suggest that modified Fusion US in "similar" to MMG projections for targeted Fusion US study can identify enhancing breast lesions with better accuracy.  

Personal information: Veronika Gazhonova, MD, PhD, is a consultant and chief ultrasound specialist at the United Hospital and Policlinic, Moscow, Russia and Professor of Radiology and Chief Radiology Chair in the Postgraduate Medical Education & Research Center, President Medical Center, Moscow. Her areas of clinical[...]

References: 1/ Berg W. A., Blume J. D., Cormack J. B., Mendelson E. B., Lehrer D., Bohm-Velez M., Pisano E. D., Jong R. A., Evans W. P., Morton M. J., Mahoney M. C., Larsen L. H., Barr R. G., Farria D. M., Marques H. S., and Boparai K., “Combined screening with ultrasound and mammography vs mammography alone in[...]

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