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C-3109 - Mechanical thrombectomy costing for acute ischaemic stroke at a tertiary-referral university hospital

S. Power, D. Ryan, P. Nicholson, N. Fanning, G. Wyse; Cork/IE Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Interventional vascular, Neuroradiology brain, CNS
Imaging Technique: Catheter arteriography
Procedures: Recanalisation, Thrombolysis, Socio-economic issues
Special Focuses: Economics, Ischemia / Infarction, Embolism / Thrombosis
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Aims and objectives: Multiple recent trials have demonstrated reduced long-term disability with adjunctive mechanical thrombectomy versus IV-tPA alone in properly selected patients with acute ischaemic stroke due to large vessel occlusion. The estimated number needed to treat to prevent one case of functional dependence[...]

Methods and materials: The materials (stentriever devices, catheters etc.) used in each thrombectomy (n = 28) carried out at our institution over a two year period (2014-2015) were documented and the cost of each piece of equipment used was acquired from our local procurement office.   The total material cost of ea[...]

Results: 28 mechanical thrombectomy cases were carried out at our institution between 2014-2015. The average age of the patients treated was 64 and the average National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) score was 17/42 (moderate to severe stroke).   The average cost of mechanical thrombectomy[...]

Conclusion: The average cost of mechanical thrombectomy for acute ischaemic stroke at our institution (€7974) was less expensive than previously quoted in cost-benefit analyses (€9808 - Ganesalingam et al 2015). This indicates that previously published cost-benefit analyses may have underestimated the cost-effe[...]

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References: Goyal M, Demchuk AM, Menon BK et al. Randomized assessment of rapid endovascular treatment of ischaemic stroke. N Eng J Med (2015); 372: 1019-1030 Berkhemer OA, Fransen PS, Beumer D et al.  A randomised trial of intra-arterial treatment for acute ischaemic stroke. N Eng J Med (20[...]

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