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C-2548 - Quantitative CAD for mammography: improved specificity and sensitivity

A. T. Watanabe1, W. Daughton2, H. Vu2, W. G. Bradley2, E. Weise2; 1 Manhattan Beach/US 2 San Diego/US Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interest: Breast
Imaging Techniques: Experimental, CAD, Mammography
Procedures: Computer Applications-Detection, diagnosis, CAD
Special Focuses: Cancer, Calcifications / Calculi
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Aims and objectives: We evaluated a quantitative CAD (Curemetrix, San Diego) for mammography based on advanced analytics including machine learning and physics algorithms. The performance is compared to conventional, commercially available CAD systems.   Examples of the quantitative scoring, how false positives are[...]

Methods and materials: The false positive per image (FPPI) for cmAssist was assessed at three different operating points. The results are compared to published, self reported data for 3 other conventional CAD systems.   In this study, the algorithm was trained on 817 cases of biopsy proven cases, out of which 187 ha[...]

Results: The FPPI was lower with Curemetrix qCAD as compared to both conventional CAD systems at comparable published thresholds. The FPPI for qCAD was 0.040 at 90% sensitivity, 0.045 at 94% sensitivity, and 0.141 at 97% sensitivity. At 90% sensitivity for both systems, qCAD had FPPI of 0.040 vs. 0[...]

Conclusion: The quantitative CAD is shown to have higher sensitivity and specificity compared to other systems. The temporal change in quantitation of lesions has potential usefulness in guiding decisionmaking. Clinical relevance:      This quantitative CAD for mammography demonstrates high acc[...]

Personal information: Alyssa T. Watanabe, M.D. (1), William Bradley, M.D. (2), Ph.D.,   William Daughton Ph.D. (3),  Hoanh Vu, Ph.D.(3), Eric Weise (3) (1) USC School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA (2) UC San Diego Health System, La Jolla, CA   (3) CureMetrix, La Jolla, CA   The CureMetrix t[...]

References: Influence of Computer-Aided Detection on Performance of Screening Mammography Joshua J. Fenton, M.D., M.P.H., Stephen H. Taplin, M.D., M.P.H., Patricia A. Carney, Ph.D., Linn Abraham, M.S., Edward A. Sickles, M.D., Carl D'Orsi, M.D., Eric A. Berns, Ph.D., Gary Cutter, Ph.D., R. Edward Hendrick, Ph.D[...]

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