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C-2981 - Three dental hybrid cone beam CT comparison: image quality, effective and organ doses

A. Loria1, C. Gigliotti1, F. De Cobelli1, M. Del Maschio1, A. Barenghi2, M. Rasia Dal Polo1, R. Calandrino1, A. del Vecchio1; 1 Milan/IT 2 Lecco/IT Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Radioprotection / Radiation dose, Radiation physics, Head and neck
Imaging Techniques: Digital radiography, Cone beam CT
Procedures: Dosimetry, Radiation safety, Comparative studies
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Aims and objectives: Different dental CBCT are commercially available using different approaches in terms of field of view (FOV), exposure parameters and doses. Aim of this study is to provide a comparison between more widespread devices evaluating image quality and effective doses in order to optimize the exposure prot[...]

Methods and materials: Three dental hybrid CBCT commercially available were investigated, hereinafter referred to as Device 1, Device 2  and Device 3. Forty-two thermo-luminescent dosimeters (TLDs) were placed throughout six layers of the head and neck of a tissue-equivalent phantom (Alderson RANDO), identifying the [...]

Results: Since the largest FOV available on each device are very different in size, organ doses result not comparable but show how AEC modality of Device 3 led to the higher doses (Fig. 3). Doses involved in Device 1 and Device 2 resulted in agreement. This results lead to effective doses showed in Fig. 4. [...]

Conclusion: The investigated devices involve very different radiation doses and various clinical application possibilities. AEC parameters, in some cases, led to very high doses, requiring protocols optimization. We can provide accurate dosimetric information to clinicians for each exposition possibilities, in [...]

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References: LORIA, A., et al. Dental hybrid cone beam CT effective and organ doses. Physica Medica, 2016, 32: 210-211

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