Local Time : 11:57 CET

SY 18 - Twin robotic x-ray: a new player in your radiology department

Friday, March 3, 12:30 - 13:30 Room: N Session Type: Satellite Symposium Topics: Musculoskeletal, General Radiology Moderator: A. Hebecker (Erlangen/DE) Add session to my schedule In your schedule (remove)

Multitom Rax in clinical practice: using fluoroscopy to improve standardisation in radiography

F. Jensen; Malmö/SE

(no abstract)

3D tomography with Multitom Rax or CT: general overview of benefits and limitations

A. Falkowski; Basle/CH

(no abstract)

Multitom Rax in trauma radiology: daily routine in an emergency department

I. Pössl; Wels/AT

(no abstract)

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