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B-1362 - Our experience with gamma knife treatment planning

A. Fedorov1, A. Lavrentyeva2; 1 St. Petersburg/RU 2 Saint Petersburg/RU Type: Scientific Paper
Area of Interests: Professional issues, CNS, Radiographers
Imaging Techniques: Gamma knife, MR
Procedures: Physics, Stereotactic radiotherapy
Special Focuses: Image guided radiotherapy, Radiotherapy techniques
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Purpose: Treatment planning, based on imaging technologies is the critical piont for Gamma knife brain tumors and funcitional radiosurgery [1,2]. In case of Parkinson's disease motor symptoms treatment, planning accuracy should be extremely high. For imaging and Gamma knife coordinats correlation in Gamma Pl[...]

Methods and materials: The main scanner was Magnetom Aera RT edition 1.5T. Every patient was scanned with Lexell localizer (Figure 1). Gamma Plan system support  MR and frame coordinates binding and, through positioning system, correlate it with Gamma knife isocenter. Define calculated by MR scans coregistration in p[...]

Results: 34 patients were scanned, 20 of them with Head TxRx, 4 with Flex Small, 10 with Head matrix Lower + Body. First results with head TxRx were negative because define was 0.9 mm (optimal less than 0.4). Scanning with Lexell localizer and 2 Small Flex coils also was negative. We have detected signal red[...]

Conclusion: Experimental results support our idea for Head matrix 20 and Body matrix 18 coils usage. Positioning accesories and fixation systems are mandatory. The second important point is the sequences optimization for noise and distortion reduction

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References: 1.Mori Y, Kaneda N, Hagiwara M, Ishiguchi T. Dosimetric Study of Automatic Brain Metastases Planning in Comparison with Conventional Multi-Isocenter Dynamic Conformal Arc Therapy and Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Multiple Brain Metastases. Cureus. 2016 Nov 15;8(11):e882. do[...]

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