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B-0670 - Radiographer's role in the conscious participation in breast screening: the importance of interpersonal aspects and communication

M. Simoncini1, M. Biondi1, M. Virgilio2, P. Giuliani2, C. Ottonello1; 1 Pomezia/IT 2 Roma/IT Type: Scientific Paper
Area of Interest: Breast
Imaging Technique: Mammography
Procedure: Screening
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Purpose: To evaluate the role of mammographic screening dedicated radiographer in: 1) improving patient awareness; 2) promoting patient’s active participation; 3) better managing the patient’s emotional component.

Methods and materials: In the last three years we have organized an information campaign on the basis of explanatory brochures on the screening program prepared by integrating the expertise of the radiologists of the breast unit and of the radiology technicians who were trying to make accessible all information about mamm[...]

Results: With an information program consisting in awareness screening flyers and by searching an effective and more empathic communication channel (verbal and non-verbal) we observed a progressive increase of mammographic call response up to 37,71% from 2012 to 2015.

Conclusion: Radiographer-patient communication channel is an important element in clinical practice, as seen as the first contact with a breast unit. The whole examination procedure is therefore optimized not only because of improving imaging quality but also because of improving full and conscious patient com[...]

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References: P.PERINO (2002) L'approccio centrato sulla persona in ambito sanitario ADAMS P., MYLANDER M. (1993), Salute! Ovvero come un medico-clown cura gratuitamente i pazienti con l’allegria e con l’amore, Milano, URRA, 1999. ASTIN A. (1998), Why Patients use Alternative Medicine: results of a national study[...]

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