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C-1100 - Comparative Analysis of Images Obtained Using an Optimization Grid and Images Processed by Grid Suppression Software Used in the Diagnosis of Microlesions

E. Mo1, S. Lee2, Y. Lee1, m. park1, W. Chung3, J. Jung3, S. Juhng4, S. H. Park5; 1 Iksan-si/KR 2 Asan-si/KR 3 Ansan-si/KR 4 Iksan, Jeonbuk/KR 5 Iksan/KR Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Radiation physics, Musculoskeletal soft tissue, Bones
Imaging Techniques: Digital radiography, Experimental
Procedures: Statistics, Experimental investigations
Special Focuses: Artifacts, Calcifications / Calculi
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Aims and objectives: Anti-scatter grids have been used in radiological imaging to improve the quality of images by removing or reducing scattered rays[1]. However, when the grid is used inappropriately, it causes a cutoff that leads to inconsistent optical density and artificial contrast differences in the image. The us[...]

Methods and materials: Detector Flat panel detector (a-Si) Pixel pitch: 175 μm (mammographic phantom, rats), 143 μm (NORMI 13 phantom) (FPD manufacturer’s own Grid Line Suppression option is included) X-Ray Condition   Grid   Mammographic phantom In order to evaluate microlesions, an ACR mammographic phantom [...]

Results: Similarity analysis When images of the mammographic phantom were compared with the reference image in spatial and frequency domains, the optimized grid image showed similarities of 0.670 and 0.999, respectively, while the grid-suppressed image yielded similarities of 0.58 and 0.83, respectively (Tab[...]

Conclusion: The present study comparatively analyzed optimized grid images, where Moiré artifacts that can arise in DR images were prevented from the beginning, and grid-suppressed images in which the formed artifacts were removed using grid suppression software. In the similarity analysis conducted in comparis[...]

Personal information: Eun-Hee Mo PhD, Department of Radiology, Wonkwang University Hospital, Iksan, Republic of Korea; mo0428@hanmail.net Sang-Ho Lee PhD, Department of radiological science, Seonam University, Asan, Republic of Korea; ho8350@hanmail.net Yun-seong Lee Master, Institute for Metabolic Disease, Wonkwang Univ[...]

References: 1. L.L. Barski, X. Wang. Characterization, detection, and suppression of stationary grids in digital projection radiography imagery. in Proc. SPIE 3658, 1999; 502-519.   2. J. Wang, H. K. Huang. Film digitization aliasing artifacts caused by grid line patterns. IEEE Trans. Medical Imaging 1994;[...]

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