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C-1890 - Elbow fractures: diagnosis, postoperative appearance and complications

M. Vicente Quilez1, M. Lopez Diaz1, P. Redondo Buil1, I. Noval Tunon2, E. GUERRA3, S. Sánchez García1, J. Sanz Díaz1, M. Molinero Montes1, M. Morán-Hevia1; 1 Oviedo/ES 2 Aviles/ES 3 Mieres/ES Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Bones, Musculoskeletal joint
Imaging Techniques: CT, Digital radiography
Procedures: Surgery, Diagnostic procedure
Special Focuses: Trauma, Prostheses, Athletic injuries
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Learning objectives: - To show radiological findings of elbow fractures and elbow fracture-dislocations in adults.   - To present its treatment and evolution, assessing the advantages and complications of the techniques used.  

Background: Traumatic elbow injuries are commonly encountered in the emergency department setting, but their complexity and clinical significance often go unrecognized at the initial evaluation. Initial imaging in patients with elbow trauma should not only help identify major injuries that require im­mediate in[...]

Findings and procedure details: BASIC ANATOMY (FIG. 1)   The elbow is a complex joint with three distinct bony articulations:   - Ulnohumeral (hinge).   - Radiocapitellar (hinge and pivot).   - Radioulnar (pivot).     These articulations are enveloped by a single synovial capsule.   The ulnohum[...]

Conclusion: The evaluation of traumatic elbow injuries re­quires not only the radiographic detection of bone abnormalities but also the inference of potential associated secondary occult bone and soft-tissue injuries that could place the patient at risk for chronic joint instability. Effective postoperative r[...]

Personal information: For any questions, please write to me at the following email address: mariavquilez@gmail.com   María Vicente Quílez. Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias (Oviedo). Spain

References: Scott E. Sheehan, MD, MS. George S. Dyer, MD. Aaron D. Sodickson, MD, PhD. Ketankumar I. Patel, MBBS. Bharti Khurana, MD. Traumatic Elbow Injuries: What the Orthopedic Surgeon Wants to Know. RadioGraphics 2013; 33:869–888.   Scott E. Sheehan, MD, MS. George S. Dyer, MD. Aaron D. Sodickson, MD, [...]

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