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C-1296 - Measuring modulation transfer function using a single thin-plate phantom in magnetic resonance imaging

R. Yoshida1, Y. Machida1, T. Hikichi2; 1 Sendai/JP 2 kurihara/JP Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interest: MR physics
Imaging Technique: MR
Procedure: Physics
Special Focus: Quality assurance
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Aims and objectives: Modulation transfer functions (MTFs) are important for medical image quality evaluation [1, 2]. In magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), MTFs can show differences of resolution properties depending on pulse sequences [3, 4]. However, several problems [5] and requirements for complicated correction and s[...]

Methods and materials: The phantom used for this study has an extremely simple structure. A single thin-plate of 1-mm width was configured as a gap of two acrylic boards (Fig. 2). The gap was filled with manganese chloride solution (MnCl2 • 5H2O). An imaging slice was set as orthogonal to the thin-plate of the phantom. Th[...]

Results: The measured MTFs of a T1W CSE image were rectangular, with a sharp decrease near the Nyquist cut-off frequency. The measured MTFs of T1W TSE had symmetric step-function shapes, reflecting the k-space segmentation determined using ETL (Fig. 4). The measured MTFs of T2W TSE images showed asymmetric s[...]

Conclusion: All measured MTFs showed effects of the k-space trajectory for each pulse sequence in positive and negative frequencies. Furthermore, MTFs were obtained using a simple structured phantom without the need for complicated devices, with a simple procedure that obviates complicated correction. In summar[...]

Personal information: Rei Yoshida Health Sciences, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, Sendai, Japan; Divisin of Radiology, Kurihara Central Hospital, Kurihara, Japan; r-yosida@kam.or.jp Hikichi Takeo Divisin of Radiology, Kurihara Central Hospital, Kurihara, Japan;   Machida Yoshio Health Sciences, Toh[...]

References: Judy PF. The line spread function and modulation transfer function of a computed tomographic scanner. Med Phys. 1976; 3(4): 233-6. Metz CE, Doi K. Transfer function analysis of radiographic imaging systems. Phys Med Biol. 1979; 24(6): 1079-106. Constable RT, Gore JC. The loss of small objects in var[...]

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