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C-2805 - Use of slot-scanning radiographic system to depict vertebral fractures in primary hyperparathyroidism

N. Regnard1, F. Duarte2, E. CORMIER1, A. Buisson1, J. Drape1, A. Feydy1; 1 Paris/FR 2 São Paulo/BR Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Musculoskeletal spine, Musculoskeletal bone
Imaging Technique: Digital radiography
Procedure: Screening
Special Focuses: Metabolic disorders, Trauma
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Aims and objectives: Our objective was to determine the prevalence, the shape of vertebral fractures in a population with primary hyperparathyroidism with slot scanning system.   A secondary goal was to know the reliability of assessment of vertebral fractures in this population and their consequences   A[...]

Methods and materials: All patients were included consecutively and prospectively in our institution. They were suspected of primary hyperparathyroidism. They had Full Spine acquisition (AP and lateral views) with slot scanning system EOS.   Two musculoskeletal radiologists (one senior and one resident) assessed[...]

Results: 41 patients were included: 39 women (95.1%) and 2 men (4.9%). Average age was 68 (+/- 9).   Average height was 159 cm (+/- 6.6). Average weight was 60.7 kg (+/- 14). Average Body Mass Index was 23.97 kg/m2 (+/- 5.1). Average decrease in size was 4.17 cm (+/- 2.44).   Average[...]

Conclusion: Slot scanning system EOS ® is a easy tool to depict vertebral fractures for patients with primary hyperparathyroidism, which are often non-painful. It allows, in addition, assessment of sagittal balance parameters.

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References: Diagnosis of vertebral fractures using a low-dose biplanar imaging system. K. Briot, J.Fechtenbaum, A.Etcheto, S.Kolta, A.Feydy and C. Roux. Osteoporos Int 2015

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