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C-3085 - Development of a software based on an anthropomorphic image atlas for image quality optimisation in interventional radiology: initial results for 3D angiography

F. Gardavaud1, M. Gautier1, H. Pasquier2, F. Boudghene1; 1 Paris/FR 2 Creteil/FR Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Interventional vascular, Radiation physics, Radioprotection / Radiation dose
Imaging Technique: Cone beam CT
Procedures: Radiation safety, Physics, Dosimetry
Special Focus: Dosimetric comparison
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Aims and objectives: Context :   Currently, in order to optimize Image quality (IQ) in Interventional Radiology (IR), medical physicists need : Access to acquisition console in order to design/extract protocols parameters [1,2] To standardize protocols parameters in order to improve patient dose management [3] Rad[...]

Methods and materials: Protocols database design and quality image levels    For the five most representative anatomic areas of our clinical practice (lung, rachis, stomach, liver, pelvis), five reference protocols were set-up in our interventional system (Innova IGS 540, GE Healthcare). Those protocols wer[...]

Results: Evaluation of 3DA acquisition protocols between clinical routine protocols and ProtoEnhanceIR protocols on the anthropomorphic phantom    As shown in fig. 9, compared to our 3DA clinical routine low dose protocol (GE Low Dose Reference), the 3DA optimized protocol proposed by Pro[...]

Conclusion: In this study, we developed a software, named ProtoEnhanceIR, to help radiologists and medical physicists to create as well as possible, optimized IR protocols for patients. ProtoEnhanceIR offered the possibility to prospectively design, without any patient exposition but only on an anthropomorphic [...]

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References: [1] Donald L. Miller et al. Quality Improvement Guidelines for Recording Patient Radiation Dose in the Medical Record. J Vasc Interv Radiol 2009; 20:S200–S207 [2] Donald L. Miller et al. Quality Improvement Guidelines for Recording Patient Radiation Dose in the Medical Record for[...]

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