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C-2278 - Pediatric neck swellings: Sonographic findings for the novice 

A. Mugahid, R. N. M. Abdalla, A. Ibrahim, M. Desoki, M. Ashour, M. Abou El Ela, A. Farag; Cairo/EG Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Lymph nodes, Vascular, Pediatric
Imaging Techniques: Ultrasound-Spectral Doppler, Ultrasound-Colour Doppler, Ultrasound
Procedure: Normal variants
Special Focuses: Congenital, Tissue characterisation
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Learning objectives: 1. To highlight normal structures of the pediatric neck 2. To highlight common pathologies encountered neck ultrasound examination 3.  To highlight pathologies, almost exclusive to the pediatric age group, during neck ultrasound examination

Background: Pediatric ultrasound has become the mainstay of neck assessment in the pediatric age group, being easy, affordable and with no radiation hazards. Given the unique pathologies in the pediatric age group, uncommon in adults, some neck pathologies may be confusing to the inexperienced sonographer/ radi[...]

Findings and procedure details:        Neck masses in children is a common finding and can represent a wide range of pathologies that present a difficult diagnostic challenge.          To properly identify pathologies, it is crucial to  have a proper unders[...]

Conclusion: Ultrasound is a reliable imaging modality in diagnosing many neck patholgies in the pediatric age group, without the exposure to high doses of radiation Thorough knowledge of the normal appearance, common neck pathologies as well as pathologies exclusive to the pediatric age group is essential for a[...]

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References: Gheravan C. Thyroid and parathyroid ultrasound, Med ultrason. 2011; 12:80-4 Baron RL, Lee JK, Sagel SS et –al. Computed tomography of the normal thymus, Radiology 1982; 124 (1): 121-5. David A. Zander and Wendy R.K. Smoker, Radiographics 2014; 34 ( 1): 37-50 Lee HS, Joo KB, Song HT, Kim YS, Park DW,[...]

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