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B-0121 - Identification and quantification of multiple high-Z materials by spectral CT

m. moghiseh, R. Aamir, J. Healy, A. Butler, N. Anderson; Christchurch/NZ Type: Scientific Paper
Area of Interests: Molecular imaging, Animal (veterinary) studies, Contrast agents
Imaging Techniques: Experimental, CT-High Resolution, CT-Quantitative
Procedures: Contrast agent-oral, Computer Applications-3D, Contrast agent-intravenous
Special Focuses: Cancer, Image verification
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Purpose: MARS spectral (multi-energy) CT has the potential to image multiple high-Z contrast agents whether targeted or non-targeted, using photon-counting X-ray detector technology (Medipix3RX detector). It provides more detail and information at the cellular level and can be considered a physiological imag[...]

Methods and materials: A micro-CT incorporated with multi-energy resolved Medipix3RX detector bonded to Cadmium-Zinc-Telluride (CZT) was used to detect iodine (I), gadolinium (Gd) and gold (Au). Four energy thresholds were optimized from 27 keV to 118 keV to include the K-edges of all three contrast agents. A calibration [...]

Results: Multi-Contrast Phantom Result: All high-Z materials (AuNPs, Gd, I and HA ), as well as low-Z materials (lipid and water), can be discriminated with MARS scanner. Multi-Contrast Mice Result:  The result of one mouse is shown in figure2. Three contrast agents; AuNPs in lung vessels and hea[...]

Conclusion: Iodine, gadolinium, gold and hydroxyapatite were identified and quantified simultaneously by spectral CT. The imaging protocol which is used for this study could be translated to human imaging. These result will be used to develop studies of functionalised and non-functionalised nanoparticles (I, Gd[...]

Personal information: Contact Info *Mahdieh Moghiseh PhD student University of Otago Christchurch, NZ Email:Mahdieh_moghiseh@yahoo.com Phone: +64221602491

References: Literature cited [1] R. Zainon, A. P. H. Butler, N. J. Cook, J. S. Butzer, N. Schleich, N. de. Ruiter, L. Tlustos, M. J. Clark, R. Heinz and P. H. Butler, "construction and operation of MARS CT scanner," Internetworking Indonesia Journal, vol. 2, 2010. [2] M.Moghiseh, R. Aamir, R. K. Panta1, N. de[...]

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