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WG 3 - Minimising the risk of cross infection: how to keep patients safe in ultrasound

Thursday, March 2, 08:30 - 09:30 Room: Z Session Type: ESR Working Group on Ultrasound Topics: Professional Issues, Imaging Methods Moderator: M. Claudon (Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy/FR) Add session to my schedule In your schedule (remove)


Chairman's introduction

M. Claudon; Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy/FR

Learning Objectives

1. To understand how the issue of infection transmission risks in ultrasound was raised and what the US WG has done to investigate and address concerns.
2. To gain an overview of current infection control practice in Europe.
3. To become familiar with best practice recommendations to prevent cross transmission of infection in ultrasound.
4. To understand different viewpoints of practitioners, patients as well as the industry.


Ultrasound (US) is considered one of the safest imaging modalities. However, a survey undertaken by the US working group of the European Society of Radiology (ESR) to know about potential risk of cross-infection showed large diversity in protocols and practice throughout European countries. This leads to present detailed results and discuss how to establish currently applied infection control measures in US and highlight the importance of good medical practice in this area.


Risk of cross transmission of infection in ultrasound: current European practice (ESR survey results) and best practice recommendations prepared by the ESR US WG

C. Nyhsen; Sunderland/UK

Learning Objectives

1. To gain an overview of the current infection control practice in Europe by presenting the main results of the ESR US WG survey undertaken.
2. To become familiar with the issued US WG recommendations for best practice, which are aimed to minimise the risk of cross infection.


Ultrasound is generally considered one of the safest diagnostic modalities available. Causing significant harm to imaged patients by performing ultrasound is not anticipated by professionals or patients. However, risks of infection transmission through ultrasound have been highlighted increasingly in the last years and patient groups are becoming more concerned. Current European infection prevention standards in ultrasound were evaluated by a survey of the ESR ultrasound working group which has just been published, showing a very wide range of practice. Survey results highlight the need to raise awareness of the risk of infection transmission through ultrasound probes/gel and the need for stricter guidance to safeguard patients. The ultrasound working group, in close collaboration with expert microbiologists, have, therefore, worked on a consensus statement on best practice, which will also be presented in this talk.


Comments from the ESR Patient Advisory Group regarding infection control practice in Europe

J. Birch; Poole/UK

Learning Objectives

1. To understand the patient’s perspective regarding cross contamination risks in ultrasound.


This presentation will assess patient knowledge and concerns relating to hygiene in ultrasound procedures. Current practice in several countries regarding the level of disinfection and various methods of ultrasound probe decontamination in particular will be discussed. I will also refer to anecdotal information regarding personal experience of ultrasound examinations and hygiene procedures.


Comments from industry representation

N. Denjoy; Brussels/BE

Learning Objectives

1. To understand the industry’s perspective.


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Panel discussion: How can safer practice be achieved?

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