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C-3138 - Low Contrast Detectability (LCD): an innovative simple method for threshold contrast evaluation based on a statistical approach - comparison with CDMAM phantom analysis

N. Oberhofer1, R. Villa2, N. Paruccini3, A. Baglivi2, C. Spadavecchia2, A. CRESPI3; 1 Bolzano/IT 2 Milano/IT 3 Monza/IT Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interest: Breast
Imaging Technique: Mammography
Procedures: Technology assessment, Physics, Experimental investigations
Special Focus: Quality assurance
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Aims and objectives: Purpose The aim of this work is to validate an innovative and simplified method for threshold contrast evaluation in digital mammography based on a statistical approach. A comparison with the widespread method of CDMAM image analysis is presented. Introduction In digital mammography the routine perf[...]

Methods and materials: A)      Statistical method of defining LCD   The statistical method applied in this work is based on a word of Chao et al. [2] and is described in [3] in more detail. It is generally acknowledged that LCD is influenced by both, the amount of noise and the noise frequency spe[...]

Results: Results and discussion Correlation between SDNR and IQFinv from LCD in terms of contrast %: SDNR and IQFinv from LCD in terms of % contrast demonstrated a highly linear correlation for all investigated systems for every phantom thickness, with a mean correlation coefficients r > 0.985 and a min[...]

Conclusion: The presented statistical approach for LCD evaluation, based on a single image of a simple test object, has been proven to be a reliable means for image quality assessment. It is suitable for performance comparison over time or of different systems of the same type, when LCD is expressed in terms of[...]

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References: [1]     European guidelines for quality assurance in breast cancer screening and diagnosis - 4th edition & supplements, N. Perry et al.(Eds.), European Community, Brussels (2006/2013)   [2]     E. H. Chao, T. L. Toth, N. B. Bromberg, E. C. Williams, S. H. [...]

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