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C-1576 - Imaging evaluation of giant and uncommon abdominal wall hernias

L. Cavalcanti, M. Grando, F. Norberto Costa, F. Nascimento, B. Asano, D. Freitas, A. Leite, E. Costa e Silva, E. S. Bezerra; Recife/BR Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interest: Abdomen
Imaging Techniques: CT, MR, Ultrasound
Procedure: Surgery
Special Focus: Hernia
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Learning objectives: The purposes of our educational exhibit are to: Review the main features of the abdominal wall hernias (AWH), highlighting its uncommon and giant presentations; Describe the basic and surgical anatomy of uncommon and giant hernia of the abdominal wall; Demonstrate some typical findings of ultr[...]

Background: Abdominal wall herniation Abdominal wall hernias (AWH) are considered a protrusion of structures and organs located at the abdominal cavity through an abnor­mal aperture or wall weakness due to a musculoaponeurotic defeat, maintaining the skin and peritoneum integrity. They are quite common, with [...]

Findings and procedure details: All cases presented in this educational exhibit were selected from our institution’s teaching files at an University Hospital (Instituto de Medicina Integral Prof. Fernando Figueira - IMIP). It was selected US, CT and MRI images of giant hernias (incisional and inguinal) and uncommon hernias (AH, GH[...]

Conclusion: AWH’s diagnosis is usually clinical, but imaging methods are important on its evaluation, especially in case of uncommon and giant hernias. US, CT and MRI identify local anatomy and distortions, complications associated, hernial contents and they are able to distinguish the hernia from others abdomi[...]

Personal information: Larissa Sobral Cavalcanti Radiology Resident at IMIP lasobral@hotmail.com Recife - PE - Brazil  

References: Aguirre D.A., Santos A.C., Casol G., Sirlin C.B. Abdominal Wall Hernias: Imaging Features, Complications, and Diagnostic Pitfalls at Multi–Detector Row CT1. Radiographics. 2005; 25:1501–20. Lassandro F., Iasiello F., Pizza N.L., Valente T., Stefano M.L.M. di S., Grassi R. et al. Abdominal hernias: R[...]

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