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C-2943 - Comparison of diagnostic efficacy with 18-gauge and 20-gauge ultrasound-guided core needle biopsy for thyroid nodules

H. Ahn, M. Seo, S. Park, S. Ha, J. Yoo; Seoul/KR Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Head and neck, Interventional non-vascular, Thyroid / Parathyroids
Imaging Technique: Ultrasound
Procedure: Biopsy
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Aims and objectives: To compare the diagnostic efficacy of 18-gauge and 20-gauge ultrasound (US)-guided core needle biopsy (CNB) for diagnosis of the thyroid nodules.

Methods and materials: 1. Patients         2. Indication of CNB at our institution   Refer to indication of CNB Consensus Statement from Korean Society of   Thyroid Radiology (KSThR)  An alternative to repeated FNA for thyroid nodules with previously non-diagnostic or AUS/FLUS r[...]

Results: 1. Flowchart of sutdy population       2. Comparison of inconclusive results between 18-Gz and 20-Gz CNB              Non-diagnostic rate   AUS/FLUS rate   Total (inconclusive rate) 18-Gz 1.2% (1/86) 27.9% (24[...]

Conclusion: Compared with 20-gauge CNB, 18-gauge CNB showed lower rate of non-diagnostic result and higher yield of obtained specimen without major complication. The CNB with 18-guage core needle will be more effective for the diagnosis of malignancy in thyroid nodules than CNB with 20-guage core needle.

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References: [1] Na et al. Core Needle Biopsy of the Thyroid: 2016 Consensus Statement and Recommendations from KSThR. KJR 2017;18:e18.   [2] Na et al. 2012 Core-needle biopsy is more useful than repeat fine needle aspiration in thyroid nodules read as nondiagnostic or atypia of undetermined significance by[...]

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