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C-2396 - Thoracic manifestations of common variable immunodeficiency disorder: the radiologist’s perspective

V. Attard1, V. Aquilina2, A. Mizzi3; 1 Msida/MT 2 San Gwann/MT 3 ATTARD/MT Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Lung, Respiratory system, Thorax
Imaging Techniques: CT-High Resolution, CT, Conventional radiography
Procedure: Biopsy
Special Focuses: Hematologic diseases, Inflammation, Education and training
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Learning objectives: The aims of this pictorial review are to: illustrate the thoracic complications and radiological findings in common variable immunodeficiency disorder (CVID) highlight the imaging manifestations of granulomatous-lymphocytic interstitial lung disease (GLILD)

Background: CVID is a heterogeneous disorder characterised by B-lymphocyte dysfunction and decreased serum immunoglobulin levels (low immunoglobulin G, low immunoglobulin A and/or immunoglobulin M). Patients affected with CVID may also have CD4+ T cell lymphopenia. It was first described around 60 years ago (1)[...]

Findings and procedure details: Chronic lung disease is the most common complication in CVID and the most common pulmonary manifestation in CVID is recurrent respiratory tract infection and subsequent structural airway changes including bronchiectasis and bronchial wall thickening. Encapsulated organisms including Haemophilus infl[...]

Conclusion: CVID is characterised by a spectrum of thoracic radiological findings. Knowledge of the imaging features of CVID and GLILD, enables the radiologist to play a pivotal role in the diagnosis and care of afflicted patients. HRCT is a key diagnostic tool for evaluation of pulmonary manifestations in CVID[...]

Personal information: Dr. Veronica Attard Basic specialist trainee Medical Imaging Department Mater Dei Hospital  veronica.attard@gov.mt   Dr. Veronica Aquilina Basic specialist trainee Medical Imaging Department  Mater Dei Hospital  veronica.aquilina@gov.mt   Dr. Adrian Mizzi Consultant in[...]

References: 1. Xiao X, Miao Q, Chang C, Gershwin E,M., Ma X. Common variable immunodeficiency and autoimmunity - an inconvenient truth. Autoimmunity Reviews. 2014;13:858-64. 2. Tam JS, Routes J. Common variable immunodeficiency. American Journal of Rhinology and Allergy. 2013;27:260-5.   3. Karam MB, Mos[...]

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