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C-0125 - Pelvic rib or pelvic digit: a series of cases with literature review 

V. Murad, A. J. Morillo, N. Bedoya; Bogota/CO Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Bones, Anatomy, Musculoskeletal system
Imaging Techniques: Conventional radiography, MR, CT
Procedure: Normal variants
Special Focus: Calcifications / Calculi
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Learning objectives: Review with a series of 6 demonstrative cases from our institution the radiologic appearance in different modalities and clinical features of pelvic digit.

Background: Pelvic digit is a benign anomaly of bone development, in which bone is formed in the soft tissues adjacent to the normal skeletal bone. Although the cause is unclear, the abnormality is believed to occur during the first 6 weeks of embryonic development, where the primordial costal cartilage of the [...]

Findings and procedure details: CASE 1 (Fig.1, Fig.2) A 65-year-old male, asymptomatic, who underwent hip radiography for the follow-up of lytic lesions in the pelvis due to secondary neoplastic involvement of resected prostate cancer. CASE 2 (Fig.3, Fig.4)  A 56-year-old male patient, with no relevant history, who con[...]

Conclusion: Pelvic digit is usually an asymptomatic and benign finding with specific imaging features. Despite being a rare entity, it is very important for radiologists to recognize ir, and include it in differential diagnoses.

Personal information: 1. Murad, Vanessa. Radiology Resident. Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogota. Bogota, colombia. murad.vanessa@gmail.com   2. Bedoya, Nelson. Radiologist. Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogota. Bogota, colombia. nelsonbedoya@gmail.com   3.Morillo, Anibal J. Radiologist. Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogota[...]

References: 1. BIBLIOGRAPHY Bouzaïdia, K, A Daghfousb, H Chahbania , M Bouassidac , F Jabnouna , and L Rezgui Marhoul . "Pelvic digit: A rare lesion ." Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging (Elsevier Masson ) 95 (2014): 1117—1120 . 2. Azevedo , Valderilio, and Marco Aurelio Grande . "Pelvic Finger An Unusual C[...]

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