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C-2759 - Detection of liver metastases: concordance between the arterial and venous phases in CT

S. Tomé García1, J. G. García Calonge1, E. Ramon1, M. Monteiro2; 1 Madrid/ES 2 COIMBRA/PT Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Liver, Radiographers
Imaging Technique: CT
Procedures: Diagnostic procedure, Efficacy studies
Special Focus: Metastases
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Aims and objectives:    Two series for evaluation of liver, (arterial and venous) are usually used for the localization / diagnosis of hypo and hyper vascular lesions. The purpose of this research study will be the observed concordance between the images appeared in both phases with the final objective to asse[...]

Methods and materials: We conducted an observational study of diagnostic concordance between two quantitative methods of detection of liver metastases.    It has been carried out a retrospective data collection of the images of 34 patients to which this study was performed between the months of July 2013 and Jun[...]

Results: With regard to the observations made by the radiologist and ourselves, the results were:    After analyzing (Fig. 8) we see a homogeneous sample of a population of elderly close to 70 years old, without a clear genetic predisposition by gender, since the sample is compensated for both[...]

Conclusion: For all scientific data mentioned so far and although our study reveals that in the Arterial phase in some cases all injuries are not valued, we want to emphasize its importance and its inclusiveness in the  routine diagnostic protocol for the scientific evidence that we have found at respect r[...]

Personal information: Susana Tomé García, TSID HGU Gregorio Marañón of Madrid, Madrid,Spain, Licenciated Radiology Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde de Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal. Jaime García Calonge,  TSID HGU Gregorio Marañón of Madrid, Madrid, Spain. Licenciated Radiology Escola Superior de Tecnologi[...]

References: Valls C, Figueras J, Jaurrieta E. Diagnóstico por imagen del nódulo hepático: una aproximación por escenarios clínicos. Cirugía Española 2001;69(5):490-7. Boas FE, Kamaya A, Do B, Desser TS, Beaulieu CF, Vasanawala SS, et al. Classification of Hypervascular Liver Lesions Based on Hepatic Artery and [...]

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