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C-1251 - Breast implants complications: what the radiologist needs to know

E. Esteban García, M. Rodriguez Mijarra, N. Bernal Garnés, L. C. L. M. Marbello García, A. Ortuño Maciá, A. Martín Pagán, M. Moya García; Torrevieja/ES Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interest: Breast
Imaging Techniques: MR, Mammography, Ultrasound
Procedure: Complications
Special Focuses: Infection, Hernia, Prostheses
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Learning objectives: 1. To know how to identify the possible complications of breast implants with mammography, ultrasound (US) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). 2. To set the indications of the different imaging techniques in the diagnosis of breast implant complications.

Background: The presence of breast implants is becoming more frequent, placed solely for aesthetic or reconstructive surgery of congenital malformations or breast cancer. It is therefore important that residents and radiologists know the imaging findings related to breast implants, in order to cope with the cha[...]

Findings and procedure details: TYPE OF BREAST IMPLANTS There are different types of breast implants, depending on the number of lumens and the type of filler. The most frequent ones are those with a silicone outer shell and one lumen (filled with silicone gel or saline) or double lumen (silicone gel and saline, one inside the o[...]

Conclusion: The increasing number of women with breast implants makes it necessary to know the normal radiological manifestations and how to diagnose complications of breast implants. Most diagnostics will be made by the use of mammography and ultrasound, without always resorting to MRI.

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References: Berg WA et al. MR imaging of extracapsular silicone from breast implants: diagnostic pitfalls. AJR. 2002; 178: 465-472. Berg WA et al. Diagnosis breast implant rupture with MR imaging, US and mammography. Radiographics. 1993; 13: 1323-1336. De Bruhl ND et al. Silicone breast implants: US evaluation.[...]

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