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C-2905 - CT-virtopsy: an effective support to post-mortem evaluation in people involved in mass disasters - our experience

S. Serraino, L. Scopelliti, A. Di Piazza, E. Murmura, F. Vernuccio, M. Costanzo, G. Lo Re, A. Argo, R. Lagalla; Palermo/IT Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Emergency, Forensic / Necropsy studies
Imaging Technique: CT
Procedures: Computer Applications-Detection, diagnosis, Computer Applications-General, Computer Applications-3D
Special Focuses: Forensics, Epidemiology
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Aims and objectives: CT-virtopsy (CT-v), always more requested by authorities in medico-legal investigation, is a valid support as pre-autoptic evaluation in mass disasters.

Methods and materials: We performed CT-v on 12 individuals: 6 people, 5 female (1 child), dead in the tragic Tuninter 1153 aircraft ditching near the Sicilian shoreline; 4 people (2 male) deceased in the collapse of an old building and on 2 young lovers involved in a cliff downfall.

Results: CT-v provided a complete picture of the body modifications around fatal event. We could confidently establish cause of death by recognising direct or indirect sign. Drowning was the cause of decease of people involved in the aircraft ditching, usually associated to several not fatal traumatic lesion[...]

Conclusion: CT-v should have a predominant role especially in mass disasters investigation: it is a rapid execution technique, studying a larger number of corpses in a short time; high resolution images could be recorded and reproduced, and even modified with post-processing software, providing a realistic repr[...]

Personal information: MD Salvatore Serraino - e-mail: salvatoreserraino@hotmail.it   MD. Laura Scopelliti - e-mail: laura.scopelliti@gmail.com   MD Ambra Di Piazza - e-mail: ambra_dipiazza@hotmail.it   MD Elena Murmura - e-mail: elenamurmura@hotmail.com   MD Federica Vernuccio -&nb[...]

References: Brodgon BG (1998) Forensic radiology. Boca Raton: CRC Press. Thali MJ, Yen K, Schweitzer W, Vock P, Boesch C, Ozdoba C, Schroth G, Ith M, Sonnenschein M, Doernhoefer T, Scheurer E, Plattner T, Dirnhofer R. (2003 )Virtopsy, a New Imaging Horizon in Forensic Pathology: Virtual Autopsy by Postmortem Mu[...]

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