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C-0619 - Breast compression and early performance measures in the Norwegian Breast Cancer Screening Program

N. Moshina, S. Sebuodegard, G. G. Waade, S. Hofvind; Oslo/NO Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interest: Breast
Imaging Technique: Mammography
Procedure: Screening
Special Focus: Quality assurance
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Aims and objectives: Mammography is used in screening for breast cancer world-wide [1], as it offers several advantages as a screening tool, including non-invasiveness, reproducible results, the possibility of early diagnosis and others [2]. However, the detection of abnormalities in the breast and, therefore, the perfo[...]

Methods and materials: In the Norwegian Breast Cancer Screening Program, two radiologists independently read screening mammograms, assessing each breast with a score pertaining to the likelihood of malignancies [9]. About 75% women attend screening after a personal invitation, and 3% of these women are recalled for furthe[...]

Results: The average age of the screened women at time of examination was 60.5 (standard deviation 5.0) years. The mean and median compression force were 119.9 N (standard deviation 16.9) and 120 N, respectively, with range 20.0-237.5 N. Of the 233,673 screening examinations, 5,475 resulted in recall due to [...]

Conclusion: High compression force was associated with higher PPVs compared with low compression force. This might be due to the inverse relationships between compression force and compressed breast thickness [10]. Decreased compressed breast thickness is associated with good fixation of the breast and reductio[...]

Personal information: Nataliia Moshina, MD, MSc Cancer Registry of Norway, Oslo, Norway Email: Nataliia.Moshina@kreftregisteret.no   Gunvor G. Waade, MSc Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Oslo, Norway Email: Gunvor-Gipling.Wade@hioa.no    Sofie Sebuødegård, MSc Cancer Registry of N[...]

References: 1. Perry, N., Broeders, M., de Wolf, C,. Tornberg, S., Holland, R., von Karsa, L., European guidelines for quality assurance in breast cancer screening and diagnosis. 4 ed. 2006, Luxemburg: European Communities. 2. Heywang-Köbrunner, S.H., A. Hacker, and S. Sedlacek, Advantages and Disadvantages of [...]

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