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C-0349 - Are There Variables Affecting CT Pulmonary Angiography (CTPA) Quality?

D. Ben Aderet1, T. Bartsikhovsky1, M. Leitman1, H. S. Maresky1, M. A. Abrahamy1, M. Vasserman1, P. Gottlieb1, L. Copel2; 1 Zerifin/IL 2 Zrifin/IL Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Cardiac, Cardiovascular system, Pulmonary vessels
Imaging Techniques: Echocardiography, CT-Angiography
Procedure: Comparative studies
Special Focus: Quality assurance
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Aims and objectives: CT pulmonary angiography (CTPA) is the imaging modality of choice for evaluation of patients with suspected pulmonary emboli (PE) (1). Despite standard technical CT parameters and injection protocols we observed variation in pulmonary artery enhancement among studies. It is well known that the techn[...]

Methods and materials: We retrospectively analyzed our radiological information system (RIS) database and identified patients who underwent CTPA for suspected PE from 2013-2014. We included only patients with negative PE results who also underwent echocardiographic evaluation during the same hospitalization period. All st[...]

Results: One hundred and eight patients (43 males: 65 females, mean age 67+/-16 years) were selected. BMI was 29.2+/-6.9. Sixty-seven exams (62%) were performed on 64-channel MDCT and forty-one (38%) on 256-channel MDCT. Quantitative assessment demonstrated  higher enhancement of both central and periph[...]

Conclusion: Higher quantitative peripheral PA enhancement was noted in exams performed with 256-channel MDCT. There was no difference in qualitative assessment between scanners. LV function, age and BMI were factors that were shown to affect CTPA quality as expected. Unexpectedly, RV function had no affect[...]

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References: Ghaye B, Ghuysen A, Bruyere PJ, D’Orio V, Dondelinger RF. Can CT Pulmonary Angiography Allow Assessment of Severity and Prognosis in Patients Presenting with Pulmonary Embolism? What the Radiologist Needs to Know 1. Radiographics. 2006 Jan;26(1):23-39. Wittram C, Maher MM, Yoo AJ, Kalra MK, Shepard [...]

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