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C-0624 - Retrofit Portable Digital Radiography; A Cost Effective Point Of Care Solution In Critical Care Radiography.

N. S. Radder1, A. Nanivadekar2, P. Dev2, K. Zirpe2, s. b. Radder3; 1 Pune/IN 2 PUNE/IN 3 Ranchi/IN Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Radioprotection / Radiation dose, Radiographers, Emergency
Imaging Technique: Digital radiography
Procedure: Efficacy studies
Special Focuses: Outcomes, Workforce, Patterns of Care
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Aims and objectives: Portable radiography is a crucial investigation in managing critically ill patients. All the portable x-rays done in critical care units are using either analog or computed radiography units in Indian subcontinent. The main disadvantage of analog or computed radiography system is the delay from the [...]

Methods and materials: In this study, the retrofitted wireless network-based digital portable radiography system used for performing radiography was the MobileArt Eco DR SHIMADZU while the computed portable x-ray machine used for this study was MobileArt Eco X-Ray SHIMADZU with CR, together with CR cassettes and direct v[...]

Results: The results were divided into four broad categories namely workflow productivity enhancement, patient safety, clinical outcome improvisation and cost effectiveness. (Fig 3) For the study, Productivity was raised by 96% using the DR portable x-ray system.“Examination duration” using the DR portable[...]

Conclusion: Portable DR Solution continues to remain prohibitively expensive in Indian subcontinent. Indian radiologist would improvise technology making it more affordable without compromising on quality and safety parameters. Local innovation with retrofit solution in portable DR radiography for critical care[...]

Personal information: Nivedita Shrinivas Radder, MBBS Radiology Resident Department of Radiology, Grant Medical Foundation-Ruby Hall Clinic, 40-sassoon road, Pune, Maharashtra, India Email:nivedita.shirol@gmail.com

References: 1. Rubinowitz AN, Siegel MD, Tocino I. Thoracic Imaging in the ICU. Vol. 23, Critical Care Clinics. 2007. p. 539–73.   2. Amorosa JK, Bramwit MP, Mohammed T-LH, Reddy GP, Brown K, Dyer DS, et al. ACR appropriateness criteria routine chest radiographs in intensive care unit patients. J Am Coll R[...]

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