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C-2319 - Fluoroscopy at its finest: Post-operative assessment after laryngo-pharyngeal and upper gastrointestinal tract surgery

J. Zhong, H. Nejadhamzeeigilani, E. Thomson, D. Tolan, G. S. Roe, T. Kaye; Leeds/UK Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Gastrointestinal tract, Anatomy, Stomach (incl. Esophagus)
Imaging Techniques: CT, Fluoroscopy
Procedures: Dynamic swallowing studies, Diagnostic procedure, Contrast agent-oral
Special Focuses: Swallowing disorders, Cancer, Obstruction / Occlusion
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Learning objectives: Present the common surgical techniques used in laryngeal and upper gastrointestinal surgery Describe the normal fluoroscopic imaging findings and complications following laryngo-pharyngeal and upper gastrointestinal surgery Give tips on technique and how to avoid common diagnostic pitfalls, correlat[...]

Background: Although fluoroscopic examinations are in decline, they still have a vital role in assessing the upper gastrointestinal tract after surgical intervention. The technique is both safe and quick to perform and provides useful functional information.  Upper GI surgery is complex and can lead to si[...]

Findings and procedure details: Section A: Laryngo-Pharyngeal Surgery 1. Total Laryngectomy   •Plays an important role in the treatment of advanced laryngeal cancer that cannot be managed conservatively and recurrence after laryngeal preserving procedures.   •Total laryngectomy is the most common surgical procedure for[...]

Conclusion: We have presented the surgical techniques and common flouroscopic imaging findings for several common upper GI surgical procedures: Laryngectomy/ Laryngo-pharyngectomy Oesophagectomy Gastrectomy Nissen Fundoplication Understanding the characteristic imaging features after surgery on the upper GI t[...]

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References: Santoro R, Ettorre GM, Santoro E. Subtotal gastrectomy for gastric cancer. World J Gastroenterol. 2014;20:13667–13680. Tao TY, Menias CO, Herman TE, McAlister WH, Balfe DM. Easier to swallow: pictorial review of structural findings of the pharynx at barium pharyngography. RadioGraphics 2013;33(7):e1[...]

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