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B-0248 - Four-dimension dynamic imaging by 640-slice multidetector CT for the diagnosis of urine flow related diseases

J. Guan, Y. Guo, H. Wang; Guangzhou/CN Type: Scientific Paper
Area of Interests: Urinary Tract / Bladder, Kidney
Imaging Technique: CT
Procedures: Computer Applications-Detection, diagnosis, Computer Applications-3D
Special Focuses: Dilatation, Obstruction / Occlusion
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Purpose: To explore the value of diagnosis on urine flow related diseases by applying of 640-slice MDCT four-dimension dynamic imaging.

Methods and materials: Sixteen patients were clinically diagnosed with urine flow related diseases, and detail diagnostic information could not be provided by other routine imaging exam. Four-dimension dynamic CT imaging was performed for diagnosis by the 640-slice MDCT with a 160-mm detector, which was approved by the ho[...]

Results: Four cases of slight urine reflux were confirmed. Four cases of stenosis of lower ureter were found (2 of moderate stenosis, and 2 of severe stenosis). The locations of ectopic ureter were accurately defined in five cases. The precise locations and sizes of fistula of fistulas were shown in three ca[...]

Conclusion: Four-dimension dynamic imaging by the 640-slice MDCT is a new choice of imaging exam for urine flow related disease, and can directly and clearly show direction and route of urine flow, and provide detail and rich information for diagnosis.

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References: [1] Piscitelli A, Galiano R, Serrao F, et al.Which cystography in the diagnosis and grading of vesicoureteral reflux? Pediatr Nephrol,2008,23(1):107-110. [2] Stefanidis CJ, Siomou E.Imaging strategies for vesicoureteral reflux diagnosis. Pediatr Nephrol, 2007,22(7):937-947. [3] Troupis JM, Amis B. F[...]

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