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C-2828 - Study of breast implants with MRI in suspected rupture: our 4-years experience

F. Rigiroli, D. Fazzini, A. Malasevschi, P. Arnaldi, B. Colombo, M. Cavallini, S. Papa, G. Cornalba; Milan/IT Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Thorax, Breast
Imaging Technique: MR
Procedures: Technical aspects, Diagnostic procedure
Special Focus: Prostheses
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Aims and objectives: MRI for evaluation of breast implants in suspected rupture has become the investigation of choice.1 US is the most used imaging modality because, compared to MRI, it is fast, safe, portable, and inexpensive.2,3 However, MRI has better sensibility and specificity than US and clinical examin[...]

Methods and materials: Breast implants MRI images were performed with Philips Achieva 1,5 T magnetic field, without contrast media, with sagittal T2 STIR, axial water-suppression and silicone-suppression sequences. Patients that underwent to a MRI for suspected prosthesis rupture between January 2012 and December 2015 wer[...]

Results: Results Among the prostheses studied, 22% were diagnosed as broken by MRI(n=71), in 59 patients. 52% of broken implants were sub-pectoral, 45% sub-glandular and 4% dual-plane. The majority of implants were set 10 years before the MRI images (70%), with a median of 14 years. This value was 20 ye[...]

Conclusion: Our experience confirmed the potentiality of MRI to detect broken breast implants. Bilateral rupture is related to a remoter implant date. No relation between type, site and position were found.

Personal information: Francesca Rigiroli Università degli Studi di Milano, Postgraduation School in Radiodiagnostics. email: francesca.rigiroli@unimi.it  

References: 1 Hold PM, Alam S, Pilbrow WJ, Kelly JF, Everitt EM, Dhital SK, Juma A. (2012) How should we investigate breast implant rupture? Breast J. 18(3):253-6. 2 Telegrafo M, Moschetta M. (2015) Role of US in evaluating breast implant integrity. J Ultrasound. 23;18(4):329-33.  3 G Di Benedetto, S Cecc[...]

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