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C-2063 - Microcalcifications and comedocarcinoma: from elementary mammographic lesion to final diagnosis

H. Ben Khélifa1, R. Aouini1, R. Neyla1, D. Ben Hammadi2, N. BEN MAMI2, A. Zidi1; 1 Tunis/TN 2 TUNIS/TN Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Oncology, Breast
Imaging Technique: Mammography
Procedures: Biopsy, Education
Special Focuses: Calcifications / Calculi, Cancer
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Learning objectives: To review and describe the morphologic and radiologic features of comedocarcinoma at mammography: Evaluation of morphology, distribution and arrangements of microcalcifcations.  

Background: Comedocarcinoma or comedo-type ductal carcinoma is a high-grade subtype of ductal carcinoma.  It completely fills and dilates the ducts and lobules in terminal duct lobular unit (TDLU) with plugs of high-grade tumour cells and central necrosis that progressively transform into calcifi[...]

Findings and procedure details: Since the advent of screening mammography, the detection rate of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) has increased. DCIS is often suspected when clustered microcalcifications are detected on routinely performed mammography. High quality mammography is required and should be completed with magnification [...]

Conclusion: Comedocarcinoma is the most aggressive type of intraductal carcinomas and mammographic microcalcifications can be it’s unique manifestation.                 A rigorous assessment of the radiological features such as cluster formation, numbe[...]

Personal information: Radiology Department- Salah Azaeiz Institute Hajer Ben Khélifa Rim Aouini Neyla Regaya Dominique Ben Hamadi Neyla Ben Mami Asma Zidi

References: 1- Henrot P, Leroux A, Barlier C, Génin P. Breast microcalcifcations: The lesions in anatomical pathology. Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging 2014;9:141-152. 2- Kaltenbacha B, Brandenbuschc V, Möbus V, Mall G, Falkf S et al. A matrix of morphology and distribution of calcifications in the breast:[...]

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