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C-2254 - Relationship Between Sound Quality And Lip Muscle Density In French Horn Players

M. Flores de la Torre, G. Guillem, M. Armengot, J. Vucetic, G. Jimenez Payá, G. Juan Samper, J. Limerâ Dus; Valencia/ES Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Hybrid Imaging, Head and neck, Stomach (incl. Esophagus)
Imaging Technique: Ultrasound
Procedure: Experimental investigations
Special Focus: Education and training
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Aims and objectives: 1.1What is embouchure to wind players (Fig 1)   Embouchure is the mechanism to form the lips in order to correctly insert the mouthpiece while playing a wind instrument.    Fruncht defines  this concept like “ a well-organized collection of perioral and  jaw muscles used to[...]

Methods and materials: METHODOLOGY:Population, procedures. 4.1 Design of study Two trials were conducted, one medical and another acoustic, both complementary, using different methods and materials. Population: The study was conducted on 16 adult horn students’ players. In the few references to similar studies, the samp[...]

Results:          1. Of ultrasounds           2. The spectral decomposition of sound 5.1. ULTRASOUNDS     5.1.1. COMPARISON amount greater / lower lip is inside the mouthpiece. Various types of sections were used t[...]

Conclusion: There is a coincidence that the samples nos. 4 and 5 received a lower percentage muscle in the analysis using ultrasound. Therefore, as CONCLUSIONS in both analysis, we can say that: (fig. 21 and 22)   Most of the students are placed in a standard regarding the spectral decomposition (no huge d[...]

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References: 1. GROVE MUSIC ONLINE: www.grovemusic.com. 2 STEVEN FRUCHT ET AL: "The natural History of Embouchure Dystonia", 899. 3. ILTIS P.W and GIVENS M. W: “EMG Characterization of Embouchure Muscle Activity: Reliability and application to embouchure Dystonia" , Medical Problems of Performing Artist 20; nº1,[...]

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