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Please note that NO CME credits will be granted for watching content on ECR ONLINE.
CME credits can only be claimed on-site by registered ECR 2018 participants.

‘ESR meets’ programme

The ESR will meet the professional organisations of Switzerland (EM 1), Portugal (EM 2) and China (EM 3).

E³ – European Excellence in Education programme

The E³ programme consists of five branches, which reflect the different levels of education: Rising Stars Programme, European Diploma Prep Sessions, The Beauty of Basic Knowledge, ECR Academies and ECR Master Classes.
Level I content is aimed at residents in their first years of training, Level II for the end of training and general radiologists. Level III sessions are aimed at radiologists on subspecialisation level and training.

The Voice of EPOS

New this year on four different stages, 107 sessions grouped into organ-based topics as well as languages and regions. Three stages are within the ECR Online & EPOS Lounge; the fourth stage in the Radiographers Lounge in Foyer K is especially dedicated to radiographers.

Transatlantic Course

This year’s joint course of the ESR and the RSNA is about Sports Imaging (TC 28).

Multidisciplinary Sessions

Organised by interdisciplinary teams, three sessions will be held on coronary imaging (MS 4), psychoradiology (MS 16) and the polytrauma patient (MS 17)

Radiographers’ programme

The programme offers 52 sessions dedicated to radiographers and radiographers-in-training.

Rising Stars at ECR 2018

The Rising Stars programme offers 6 Basic Sessions, 3 ESR-ESOR Sessions, 4 Student Sessions, 3 Basic Sessions for Radiographers, 2 RTF Sessions and the Case-Based Diagnosis Training.