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01:57 CET
HL 3 - Josef Lissner Honorary Lecture
Head and Neck Oncologic Imaging
Saturday, March 3, 12:15 - 12:45
Room: A

Human papilloma virus and head and neck cancer: the new face of malignancy
A. Trojanowska; Lublin/PL
Learning Objectives

1. To describe the behavior of human papilloma virus.
2. To understand the specific biology and imaging features of HPV - positive cancer of the head and neck.
3. To become familiar with effective diagnostic imaging procedures, treatment and follow-up of these tumour.


Head and neck cancer is a commonly encountered pathology. Oropharyngeal location of the disease is increasing rapidly, affecting young people and its relation with oropharyngeal infection by oncogenic type-16 human papillomavirus (HPV) has been proven. The clinical and biologic profile of HPV-positive patients is distinct from any other head and neck squamous cell cancer patients, however, it is not possible to differentiate the HPV status based on imaging studies. HPV-positive patients have a tendency towards early lymph nodes metastasis, more frequent distant metastatic disease and much better response to non-surgical treatment, comparing to HPV-negative ones. Detection of intratumoral oncogenic HPV DNA seems to be mandatory now, since it determines prognosis in terms of long-term survival and locoregional control. A policy of vaccination for both girls and boys may be the key answer to a growing number of this particular cancer

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