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C-3172 - Contrast enhancement and washout patterns for differentiation of malignancy degree in small renal tumors
A. Lice, O. Krivicha, E. Lice, E. Vjaters, O. Voika; Riga/LV
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Oncology, Kidney, Abdomen
Imaging Technique: CT
Procedure: Surgery
Special Focuses: Cancer, Neoplasia, Pathology

Aims and objectives:
Aim: To evaluate the correlation of contrast enhancement patterns of the small renal tumour types To detect relative and absolute washout coefficient value for homogenous tumour differential diagnosis To compare results and find correlation between relative and absolute washout coefficient Hypoth[...]
Methods and materials:
The present research comprises the data of the patients that had been treated in P. Stradins Clinical University Hospital from 01.01.2013 to 16.11.2017 with the diagnosis "renal tumour". All of the patients were examined with 64-slice MDCT, both pre- and post- contrast series (the contrast media adm[...]
144 patients were examined in our study - Malignant tumours were 87% of the cases, from those – 70% were Clear cell renal carcinoma (RCC). The biggest part of the other malignant neoplasms were made of Papillary RCC (14%) and Chromophobe RCC (13%). Benign tumours were 13% of all the cases and most[...]
The most common subtype of renal cell carcinomas is the Clear cell RCC – 69%. Less common subtypes are Papillary and Chromophobe RCCs - 23%. Also the enhancement patterns of different histological types were typical – the biggest contrast uptake was seen in Clear cell RCC, less – in Chromophobe RCC,[...]
Personal information:
Annija Lice - doctor in Instutute of Radiology, Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital, Riga, Latvia Olga Krivicha - doctor in Instutute of Radiology, Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital, Riga, Latvia Elina Lice - medical student of Riga Stradins University, Riga, Latvia Egils Vja[...]
[1.] P. Vaganovs “Epidemiological and morphological characteristics of renal tumors in Latvia” [2.] Ferlay J, Shin HR, Bray F, Forman D, Mathers C, Parkin DM. Estimates of worldwide burden of cancer in 2008: GLOBOCAN 2008. Int J Cancer 2010;15:2893–917 [3.] Mathias Prokop, Michael Galansky, „Spi[...]

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