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C-1631 - Radiologic aspects of intraductal papilloma of the breast and differential diagnosis
R. Costa, S. Rêgo, E. Jorge, V. Lontra, A. Sarmet; Rio de Janeiro/BR
Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interest: Breast
Imaging Techniques: Ultrasound, MR, Mammography
Procedure: Galactography
Special Focus: Neoplasia

Learning objectives:
- Describe clinical and pathologic aspects of intraductal papilloma of the breast; - Present the most relevant radiologic aspects in mammography, ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); - Report the main differential diagnosis in the different imaging methods.
INTRODUCTION The intraductal papilloma it's a benign neoplasm of the breast; Most frequently diagnosed at the end of reproductive life, between the 5th and 6th decades; Unilateral in about 80% of the cases. When the papilloma is subareolar, it's called "central papilloma". Beyond of this region, th[...]
Findings and procedure details:
Mammogram aspects Well-defined retroareolar oval mass; Retroareolar oval, punctate or amorphous calcifications Dilated duct. In Galactography, the most common aspect is a intraluminal filling defect, usually with an abrupt "cutoff". Ultrasonographic aspects Solid masses accompanied by ductal [...]
Intraductal papilloma, despite being a benign neoplasm with characteristic radiological features, it's a pathology that requires a histopathological diagnosis, considering that its main differential diagnoses such as papillary carcinoma and invasive ductal carcinoma in many situations present simila[...]
Personal information:
Rangel Costa (R. Costa)- Resident of Radiology from the National Cancer Institute of Brazil (INCA). Salete Rêgo (S. Rêgo)- Adjunct professor of Radiology on Fluminense Federal University (UFF). Coordinator of the Breast Diagnosis Sector of University Hospital Antônio Pedro (HUAP-UFF) Vítor Lont[...]
Cardenosa G, Eklund GW. Benign Papillary Neoplasms ofthe Breast:Mammographic Findings. Radiology 1991 Dec;181(3): 751-5. Youk JH, Kim EK, Kwak JY, Son EJ, Park BW, Kim SII. Benign Papilloma without Atypia Diagnosed at US-guided 14-gauge Core-Needle Biopsy: Clinical and US Features Predictive of Upgr[...]

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