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C-2235 - Differentiation of Endometrial hyperplasia Vs Endometrial cancer by MRI T-2W histometrics analysis
M. Alturiqy, S. Raja; Riyadh/SA
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interest: Pelvis
Imaging Technique: MR
Procedure: Computer Applications-Detection, diagnosis
Special Focuses: Hyperplasia / Hypertrophy, Cancer

Aims and objectives:
—Histopathologically endometrial hyperplasia and cancer are considered to be a spectrum of the same disease. —Routine MRI is an excellent modality for evaluating endometrial pathologies; however it is only modestly optimal in differentiating early endometrial Ca. (endCa) from endometrial hype[...]
Methods and materials:
—•Retrospective review of radiology and pathology archives revealed 18 pts (avg. age = 61, range=43-75 yrs) having both pelvic MRI, histopathology and/or clinical follow. —•MRI were acquired in all pts. on a 1.5T (GE; Sigma 1.5 HDX ,Waukesha, WI, USA), per accepted protocols. — —•Voxel level da[...]
— — —The histopathology was normal in 5 patients, endometrial hyperplasia in 5 patients and endometrial cancer in 8 patients. —The histogram analytics revealed that among all the metrics analyzed - 1. excess kurtosis, and 2. skewness were the best discriminators. —Group average kurtos[...]
The two most important discriminators in our series, were the statistical features - kurtosis and skewness. While using skewness, an excellent separation between normals Vs. tumor and hyperplasia was achieved, with minimal overlap (see bar and whisker plot) Kurtosis, on the other hand, excel[...]
Personal information:
Mohammed Alturiqy Radiology specialist, Department of radiology College of Medicine, Majmaah University,11952, Saudi Arabia, E-mail: m.alturiqy@mu.edu.sa 2. Shanker RajaConsulant in Radiology, deparment of radiology, KFMC- Riyadh, Saudi Arabia E-mail:shanker.raja01@gmail.com
—Diffusion-weighted imaging in the assessment of tumour grade in endometrial cancer Br J Radiol. 2011 Nov; 84(1007): 997–1004. doi: 10.1259/bjr/14980811 — —DWI-associated entire-tumor histogram analysis for the differentiation of low-grade prostate cancer from intermed[...]

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