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C-1543 - The utility of Ultrasound in the diagnosis of Psoriatic Arthritis
A. Daniel1, J. Freitas1, P. Oliveira1, I. Abreu2, M. Santiago1, S. Serra1, J. Rovisco1; 1Coimbra/PT 2Porto/PT
Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Musculoskeletal soft tissue, Musculoskeletal joint, Musculoskeletal bone
Imaging Techniques: Ultrasound-Power Doppler, Ultrasound
Procedure: Diagnostic procedure
Special Focuses: Inflammation, Arthritides

Learning objectives:
Ultrasound (US) is a valuable imaging technique in the diagnosis of Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) US findings of enthesitis and dactylitis are distinctive, being highly suggestive of PsA
Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is a chronic inflammatory joint disease which can present with a spectrum of clinical phenotypes, including axial disease, a rheumatoid arthritis-like form, peripheral oligoarthritis, predominant involvement of the distal interphalangeal joints or enthesitis. It may result [...]
Findings and procedure details:
The term “enthesitis” must be differentiated from “enthesopaty”, since the first refers to an inflammatory process that is restricted to the tendons, ligaments and capsule insertions in the bone and excludes metabolic, traumatic or degenerative causes.2 According to the OMERACT (Outcome Measures in [...]
The prompt identification of these two US typical features of PsA can be of great value in the differential diagnosis of an inflammatory arthropathy, strongly suggesting this diagnosis and should motivate a referral to a Rheumatology department as soon as possible. Early treatment would allow avoida[...]
Personal information:
1 - D'Agostino MA, Padovano J, Iagnocco A. The Utility of Ultrasonography in the management of Psoriatic Arthritis. In depth discussion I, module 15 in EULAR on-line course on Rheumatic Diseases 2013. 2 - Delle Sedie A, Riente L. Psoriatic arthritis: what ultrassound can provide us. Clin Exp Rheu[...]

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