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08:23 CET
HL 2 - Marie Curie Honorary Lecture
Hybrid Imaging Oncologic Imaging
Friday, March 2, 13:00 - 13:30
Room: A

Hybrid imaging: the story so far and what to expect next
K. Riklund; Umea/SE
Learning Objectives

1. To learn about the development of hybrid imaging.
2. To understand the principles for molecular imaging exemplified in PET/CT and MR/PET.
3. To appreciate the combination of molecular and functional imaging.
4. To become familiar with a few clinical areas with high potential in hybrid imaging.


Hybrid imaging, the combination of structural and functional or molecular imaging started with visual and software fusion and has developed into new scanners with hardware fusion of PET or SPECT together with CT or MRI. During the session I will take you on an amazing tour behind the scenes in secret chamber; the human body, visualised in structures and biochemistry, and molecular medicine. I will present a fascinating story of the development of something really astonishing on one hand and on the other hand something you cannot be without in daily imaging work.

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