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C-1598 - To assess the feasibility of a novel low dose CT enterography scanning protocol for patients with Crohn's disease
T. SHUAI; Chengdu/CN
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interest: Colon
Imaging Technique: CT-Enterography
Procedure: Colonography CT

Aims and objectives:
To assess the image quality and diagnostic performance of a novel low-dose CT enterography using 80kvP with iterative reconstruction algorithm for patients with Crohn’s disease in comparison with conventional scanning protocol.
Methods and materials:
Sixty patients with Crohn’s disease were retrospectively enrolled in the study and randomized into two groups (A,B). And SOMATOM Definition Flash was used to do the scanning. Before 4 phase scan (unenhanced, arterial phase, portal vein phase, prone phase), a total of 2L liquid (20% Mannitol 500ml+5%[...]
Results: BMI was comparable between groups (p=0.613). No significant differences (p>0.05) were found between SNR of two groups. Subjective scoring result of group A was 4.8±0.5 and 4.7±0.7 for reader 1 and 2, respectively, compared with group B was 4.6 ±0.6 and 4.5± 0.5, which indicated that goo[...]
The 80kVp low-dose scan protocol combined with SAFIRE is feasible in the CT enterography for Crohn’s disease detection, which allows for both comparable image quality to conventional scan and also significant low radiation dose.
Personal information:
West china hospital of SiChuan university radiology department @ E-maiil:shuaitao1985@126.com
1.Judy Yee • Kevin J. Chang • Stefanie Weinstein,Applying Dose Reduction to CT Colonography,Curr Radiol Rep (2013) 1:286–293 2.

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