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C-0339 - Radiological pulmonary manifestations of scleroderma and synchronic pneumoconiosis.
A. Narbona Diez, P. Trallero, L. Ceron Nasarre, J. Hernández, J. Aparicio López, X. Pruna; Granollers/ES
Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Thorax, Respiratory system, Lung
Imaging Techniques: CT-High Resolution, CT
Procedure: Diagnostic procedure
Special Focuses: Connective tissue disorders, Inflammation, Occupational / Environmental hazards

Learning objectives:
- To recognize typical and atypical pulmonary image findings of scleroderma and pneumoconiosis. - To be aware of the possibility of having scleroderma and synchronic pneumoconiosis in the same patient and avoid “satisfaction of search” error.
Progressive systemic sclerosis or scleroderma is a generalized disease of the connective tissue in which up to 75% of the cases evidence pulmonary affection. This disease is commonly associated with usual interstitial pneumonia, non-specific interstitial pneumonia, pulmonary vasculitis, and pulmonar[...]
Findings and procedure details:
1- HRCT findings of progressive systemic sclerosis HRCT findings of interstitial fibrosis in progressive systemic sclerosis are similar to those of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), including ground-glass opacity, consolidation, fine reticular opacities, coarse or irregular reticulation, t[...]
Seventy five percent of patients with scleroderma have lung involvement in their chest HRCT, even without respiratory symptoms; most cases show some degree of interstitial fibrosis. . Other chest HRCT features may suggest synchronic illness and change management and prognostic.
Personal information:
- W. Richard Webb, Nestor L. Müller, David P. Naidich. Alta resolución en TC de Pulmón. 3ª edición. Philadelphia: Marban; 2003. -W. Richard Webb, Charles B. Higgins. Thoracic imaging. Pulmonary and Cardiovascular Radiology. USA; Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2005. - J. A. Verschakelen, W.[...]

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